Friday, March 27, 2009

Medicine-Related Cookies this may take a little explaining....a friend of mine is a nurse anesthetist and had surgery recently. She asked me to do some type of medically-related cookies. "Propofol" is a medication used to help put people to sleep for surgery. So, I did vials of Propofol, syringes and hearts with a heart rhythm on them. I did a couple of cookie bouquets for her and then some just individually wrapped cookies. She gave them to everyone who helped take care of her! Wow! What a great patient she must have been!!! ;)

Valentine Cookies and Hello Kitty

This was a very personalized Valentine order I did...the customer wanted the cookies to send to her granddaughter who lives in Dallas. She told me exactly what she wanted on each cookie. Her granddaughter, Kate, loves Hello Kitty so we put one of those in there too! Very sweet!

Wedding Cookies with Monogram

This bride and her family went to my church in Shreveport. I felt honored to do these monogrammed cookies for the wedding reception. They were little wedding cakes done in tiffany blue (her wedding colors) with white polka dots.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cute Cupcakes

I've done these cute cupcakes before in more girly colors...I thought these were cute for a girl or boy.

Rocket Cookies

These rocket cookies were done for the 3-year old son of one of my best customers. They were given as party favors so we added the personalized tags. I thought they turned out really cute so I did them again for my nephew's 3rd birthday party. His party was at Jumpin Jupiter so the rockets were fitting.


So it's been awhile since I posted...sorry! We are all settled into our house in Ruston and loving it so far! It took me a couple weeks to get everything unpacked and situated...three kids makes it a little more challenging :) We have finally gotten into a routine and I think the kids have adjusted to being in a new place. Now if I could just find a great babysitter so my husband and I could have a date....if any of you know someone that may be interested, please let me know!
I actually got back to baking a couple weeks ago and have done a couple orders...I will post pics later! For now, I will post pics of orders I did before I moved...
By the way, the giveaway is still going don't forget to leave a may win the prize!!! ~ Donna